The E-Factor Diet

What Makes the E-Factor Diet Plan Effective?

The E-Factor Plan is one of the newest diet based programs that was created by the passionate and driven, John Rowley. He is a well-known health coach who has appeared on various TV programs and has shared his knowledge with many people bringing about a positive and drastic change.

The goal of the E-Factor diet plan is to educate persons on the right food to eat and at what ideal time, so as to prevent energy draining foods and intense cravings. The E-Factor diet plan comprises of many guides, secrets and handbooks to help those who want to get their appetite and their weight under control.

What makes the E-Factor Diet Plan Effective?

John has used countless research and studies to make this diet plan both effective and affordable. The plan uses science to allow us to reach our weight goal. There are four E-Factors that are at work.

1. Endothermic Foods

These are the heavy-hitters when it comes to weight loss. Endothermic foods use the endocrine and immune system to jumpstart our metabolism. It is recommended that we eat these type of foods for breakfast.

2. Histamine Foods

Unlike the endothermic foods, the histamine foods should be consumed for dinner. Why? Because these types of healthy food are the causes of retained water weight. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. At night, the water weight can be consumed when we are sleeping.

3. Enzymatic Foods

Sometimes we are not getting the right amount of enzymes in our diet. And what happens is that food is not digested properly and nutrients are not properly released and taken up by the body. Hence, we miss out on a lot of vital nutrients. The enzymatic foods can help to boost our immune system and provide us with the enzymes that our GI tract desperately needs.

4. Enjoyment Foods

Last but definitely not least are the enjoyment foods. These foods are important to help us enjoy our meals so we can keep on track and not go back to our old eating habits.

What is the E-Factor Diet Plan comprised of?

The E-Factor diet plan uses many techniques and knowledge that John has amassed over the years. With this, he drafted guides and handbooks that contains secrets and information about losing weight and actually keeping it off. The books that the plan include are:

1. The E-Factor Diet: Weight Loss Handbook

Within this handbook, John details the all the breakthrough knowledge about this diet so that you can not only burn fat, but also boost your metabolic rate and, in doing so, keep off the fat.

2. E-Factor Grocery Guide

This grocery guide will outline the different foods which are considered “healthy” that are actually detrimental to your health. Furthermore, the book will tell you what food to purchase when you are at the supermarket, saving you time while also improving your health.

3. The E-Factor Meal Planning Blueprint

This booklet is a great way to break down the concepts that surround the E-Factor diet in a simple-to-read manner. It removes fluff and corrects any misconceptions we may have about metabolism and it reveals what to eat and when to eat it.

4. The E-Factor “Cheat Your Way Trim”

This is more of a special report than a guide. It gives us the joy of understanding that sometimes it is fine to have a cheat day and let us understand that we should not feel guilty. What they advise though is that if we stay true to our diet, one or two cheats day will have no effect.

5. Fast Food Guide

Who doesn’t like fast food? It is tasty and convenient. But, as everyone already knows, it comes with a lot of health hazards. Heart disease and stroke are just two of the many diseases that health officials have warned us about. Yet, we just can’t keep away. Luckily, with this guide, you can learn what fast food menu item that you can still order without countering the desired effect of our diet.

6. E-Factor Smoothie Recipes

We are all busy people. We don’t have time to cook, which is why we are in the line at our favorite fast food joint. This is where the E- Factor smoothie recipes comes in. This recipe book provides us with tasty smoothie recipes that only take 5 minutes to prepare, and yet provides us with energy for the entire day.

7. All Day Energy Secrets

This book is filled with tips that you can use to boost your energy levels. The tips include both your exercises for both your brain and muscles. And the best thing
is it can be done anywhere whether at home, in the car or at work.

8. Joint Recovery Workshop

As we know, when persons are suffering from a great amount of weight, they can experience pain in their joints. This audio file was created to provide persons with natural means to which they can alleviate their joint pain. These natural means are usually household items and ingredients that can be found at your local grocery store.

9. Support Community

A great addition to the plan is the included access to a support community who are available to answer our questions or allay any of our concerns, 24/7. Furthermore, they also reward us with different things likes new recipes, ideas, and motivational support.

The E-Factor Plan is a great way to lose weight and keep it off. It uses ground-breaking science to create meals that are healthy and tasty at the same time. It also recognizes the importance of enjoyment food and a cheat day, which is great.

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